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  • High Speed revolution paint mixing machine - YouTube

    2/09/2017  The machine is to dissolve ,disperse and mix materials with different viscosity. Through the very high peripheral tip speed of the toothed disc, the strong shearing, crashing and friction forces ...

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  • High Shear Dispersion Mixer - - FluidPro Process Mixing ...

    FluidPro Dispersion Mixers rotate at high RPMs to facilitate the quick impartation of solids into solution. A dispersion mixer works on the priciple of energy transfer. The solids and liquids are drawn down into contact with the dispersion blade by the suction it generates and as the solids/liquids moves outward to flow over the dispersion disc creating an increase in velocity and shear force ...

  • High-shear mixer - Wikipedia

    OverviewPrinciples of workEquilibrium mixingUses of high-shear mixing technology

    Fluid undergoes shear when one area of fluid travels with a different velocity relative to an adjacent area. A high-shear mixer uses a rotating impeller or high-speed rotor, or a series of such impellers or inline rotors, usually powered by an electric motor, to "work" the fluid, creating flow and shear. The tip velocity, or speed of the fluid at the outside diameter of the rotor, will be higher than the velocity at the center of the rotor, and it is this velocity difference that creates shear.

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  • High Speed Mixer and Granulator - YouTube

    20/02/2016  For more information,please send email to :[email protected] Skype :gehuiqian Whatsapp :+86-13584147470 spice-pharm

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  • High Speed Dispersion of Bentonite - US - Silverson

    The above problems can be overcome using a Silverson High Shear mixer. Operation is as follows: ... The high speed rotation of the rotor creates a powerful suction which draws the water and clay up from the base of the vessel into the workhead. Stage 2 Stage 2. Centrifugal force drives the water and bentonite particles towards the periphery of the workhead. The particles are deagglomerated in ...

  • Mixing (process engineering) - Wikipedia

    OverviewIndustrial mixing equipmentMixing classificationLiquid–liquid mixingSolid–solid mixingLiquid–solid mixingLiquid–gas mixingGas–solid mixing

    At an industrial scale, efficient mixing can be difficult to achieve. A great deal of engineering effort goes into designing and improving mixing processes. Mixing at industrial scale is done in batches (dynamic mixing), inline or with help of static mixers. Moving mixers are powered with electric motors that operate at standard speeds of 1800 or 1500 RPM, which is typically much faster than necessary. Gearboxesare used to reduce speed and increase torque. Some applications require the use of multi-shaft mixers, in

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  • Batch High Shear Mixer - YK Machinery

    Because of high-speed rotation of rotor, materials are inhaled into dispersing end in axial direction and then thrown out of rotor alveolus in radial pattern. The extremely high accelerated velocity applied on materials produces strong shear forces and crushing forces. In addition, the strong turbulent flow produced in the clearance between the rotor and stator plays the role of suitable mixing.

  • Silverson Machines - High Speed High Shear Mixers

    Silverson High Shear In-Line mixers are supremely efficient and rapid in operation and are capable of reducing mixing times by up to 90%. The action of any Silverson In-Line mixer can be modified with the use of rapidly interchangeable workheads. This enables any machine to mix, emulsify, homogenize, solubilize, suspend, disperse and disintegrate solids.

  • Batch High Shear Mixer - YK Machinery

    Because of high-speed rotation of rotor, materials are inhaled into dispersing end in axial direction and then thrown out of rotor alveolus in radial pattern. The extremely high accelerated velocity applied on materials produces strong shear forces and crushing forces. In addition, the strong turbulent flow produced in the clearance between the rotor and stator plays the role of suitable mixing.

  • High Speed Industrial Mixers, Mixing Machines Millroom ...

    Welcome to Millroom Mixing Machines Ltd. A long established company, Millroom, has many years of experience in the manufacture of mixing machines, and have developed a comprehensive product range for a multitude of applications. We have an international reputation for quality and service and have achieved amazing results on our unique Duplishear dual head high shear mixer. Millroom has many ...

  • High Shear Mixers - Ginhong - Industrial Mixer Blender ...

    High Shear Mixers are generally used for mixing products that are not suitable to be mixed at low speed agitation. High Shear Mixers have tip speeds ranging from 10 to 50 m/s and have a very high shear rate ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 s-1. For these specifications, High Shear Mixers are suitable for dispersing solids into liquids, emulsifying immiscible liquids, combining individual ...

  • A Practical Guide to High Speed Dispersion

    A disc type blade is mounted at the bottom end of the mixing shaft and rotated at a relatively high tip speed. (Tip speed is the speed at the outer tip or edge of the rotating disc. Tip speeds typical of dispersers are measured in feet per minute, calculated by multiplying the constant 3.14 times the diameter in feet of the disc times the revolutions per minute of the mixing shaft. The ...

  • High Shear Mixer, Industral Homogenizer Emulsifier

    High speed rotor stator homogenizer equipment, high shear dispersing emulsifier mixers can complete dispersing, mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing and other processes.

  • Why use a Colcrete Eurodrill colloidal mixer? - Colcrete ...

    High shear – With a discar tip speed of 26.5 metres/sec (2100 rpm) the high rate of shear results in a mix that is fluid and stable enough to be pumped over considerable distances, and which will permeate uniformly into voids. Best for Bentonite – Colcrete Eurodrill colloidal mixers are very efficient at mixing Bentonite and other clay products as the process accelerates hydration and ...

  • Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer High Quality – Yekeey

    By the strong cutting off force and the impact and turbulent current from the high-speed shear wheel and fixed cutting case, the materials are cut off and turned to particles of 200 nm- 2 um promptly. Because the emulsifying boiler is under vacuum state, the bubbles that are produced in the course of mixing will be taken away in time.

  • Industrial Batch Mixers Batch Mixers

    The advantages of Silverson’s high shear rotor/stator batch mixer over simple conventional stirrers or agitators stem from the multistage mixing/shearing action as materials are drawn through the specially designed Silverson workhead - the heart of every machine . Stage 1. The high-speed rotation of the rotor blades within the precision-machined mixing workhead exerts a powerful suction ...

  • Duplishear High Shear Mixers Millroom Mixing

    Duplishear The development of a High Shear Mixer that would result in significant improvements to processing times, and at the same time reduce energy requirements, had been the goal of the design team at Millroom Mixing Machines Ltd. As a consequence, the Unique Double Head DUPLISHEAR was born. Over a period of years the Duplishear has proved ...

  • High Shear Mixing Equipment - ROSS Industrial Mixers

    ROSS is the leading manufacturer of high shear rotor-stator mixer homogenizers and high-speed dispersion equipment for the adhesives, chemical, cosmetic, food pharmaceutical and plastics industries. Kneaders. Kneaders. ROSS Kneader Extruders combines the efficiency of a double arm - sigma blade mixer with the convenience of an extrusion screw for the mixing and discharging of heavy viscous ...

  • High-speed mixer, High-speed blender - All industrial ...

    The DynaShear is a high speed, high shear mixer and emulsifier for continuous processing. Constructed of 316 SS, its unique dual stage axial and radial heads provide ... Compare this product Don’t compare this product. disperser mixer / rotor-stator / batch / for liquids FlowShear ™ Contact. disperser mixer. FlowShear ™ Capacity: 322 l - 7,570 l... mount mixer/disperser delivers high ...

  • Tackling Difficult Mixing Problems - AIChE

    mixing intensity required to form an emulsion. Emulsion formation almost always requires high-shear mixing, often provided by special impeller blades. In some cases a saw-tooth blade operating at high speed is sufficient to form an emulsion. In other cases, a rotor-stator mixer is necessary. To form a stable emulsion, the dispersed phase must be

  • Emulsion Processing - Homogenization

    impinge in a mixing chamber • Extremely turbulent flow situation and very high shear forces cause additional disruption of droplets • Higher homogenization pressures possible • NO MOVING PARTS! low maintenance • But: stronger possibility for blockage 31. 32 HPH and MF Comparison . III. Colloid Mills (CM) • Droplet disruption in colloid mills occurs in a flow channel between a rotor ...

  • SILVERSON Mixing machines - J.L.Lennard

    The latest development in high shear lab mixing – the new Silverson L5M-A – is ideal for all laboratory work, research and development, QA analysi. Laboratory Mixer . Dairy mixing and homogenising machines. High sheer mixing and homogenising machines for for processing milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream mixes. Dairy mixing and homogenising machines. Mixing machines for sauces and

  • Conventional High Speed Dispersers - Mixers

    Products > High Shear Mixers > High Speed Disperser How the High Speed Disperser Works . Conventional High Speed Dispersers consist of a driven vertical shaft and a high shear disk type blade. The blade rotates at up to 5000 fpm and creates a radial flow pattern within a stationary mix vessel. The blade creates a vortex that pulls in the contents of the vessel to the blade's sharp edges. The ...

  • Tetra Pak High Shear Mixers for cold emulsions

    In this high shear mixer, the ingredients are introduced into the main body of the mixing vessel, rather than being fed directly into the high shear mixing head. This means there is no risk of over-shearing and the speed of ingredient introduction can be significantly higher than traditional mayonnaise production equipment.

  • Process Plant Machinery Ltd Liquid High Shear Mixers

    - Inline High Shear Mixers - Batch High Shear Mixers - Low Shear Mixers - Flashblend Mixers - Flash-mix Systems - Liquidverters. Some of the most popular brands we deal with at Process Plant and Machinery Ltd are: - Silverson High Shear Mixers - APV TPM Mixers - APV Liquidverters - Fryma-Koruma Process Systems - Scanima Process Systems ...

  • Tweedy™ SuperCool High Speed Mixer - Baker Perkins

    The Tweedy™ mixing system integrates weighing and high-speed mixing into a single machine with a common control system. It is suitable for all types of mechanically developed dough, including pan/tin bread, rolls and burger buns, pizza bases, artisan bread, rye bread and brioche. The range covers batch sizes from 85 to 385 kg with up to 14 batches per hour possible (depending on dough ...

  • High Shear Mixers High Shear Mixer, UK Greaves

    What other advantages does the Greaves high shear mixer range offer? Alternate workheads are available according to application, offering the desired particle size homogenisation required. All machines are engineered to the same high standard. This is important for research and development across any industry. Whether laboratory scale or 100 hp (75kw) full production 50,000 litre

  • CHAPTER 21 Mechanical Design of Mixing Equipment

    The most common motive force for a mixer is an electric motor, so a knowledge of standard motor characteristics is useful. Most mixers operate at or below typ- ical motor speeds, so some type of speed reduction is common. Speed reduction can be accomplished with several different types of gears, usually in enclosed housings, or with belts and sheaves. Besides speed reduction, antifriction bear ...

  • Homogenizer Suppliers, Manufacturers - ele-mix

    ELE High shear homogenizer is with rotor and stator, with fine forging, linear cut forming claw-type, two-way suction, high efficiency circulation, no dead er, guarantee the mixing completely and stability. The key parts are with milling processing, the combination between stator and rotor reach American Level standard. CE approval. It includes batch production high shear homogenizer ...

  • Estimation of Agitator Flow Shear Rate

    Estimation of Agitator Flow Shear Rate Jie Wu, Lachlan J. Graham, and Nabil Noui Mehidi Fluids Engineering Research Laboratory, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Highett 3190, Victoria, Australia DOI 10.1002/aic.10857 Published online April 7, 2006 in Wiley InterScience (interscience.wiley). Laboratory laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV)

  • Rotsosolver High Shear Mixer How It Works

    How The Rotosolver ® Disperser Works. General Information; How it Works; Specifications ; Options; Datasheet; Dispersing powders using the Rotosolver high shear mixer is fast and easy! The Rotosolver combines the shearing capabilities of a high speed toothed rotor and a slotted stator with the additional advantage of high flow / circulation from the dual rotor blades. This unique, patented ...

  • SpeedMixer Technology FlackTek Inc.

    SpeedMixer Technology Top 12 Benefits of a SpeedMixer: Highly Reproducible Results – Perfect mixing every time thanks to precision centrifugal mixing in a precision machine. No Bubbles – Mixing and deaeration achieved simultaneously thanks to DAC (dual asymmetric centrifugal) technology. Deairing and degassing while mixing made easy. No Cleanup – Mixing is performed in inexpensive

  • Dispersers - Onslow Engineering

    High Speed Cavitation disperser available in either mechanical variable pulley drive to the mixer shaft or inverter variable speed drive. Drive mounted on bridgepiece attached to the machine column and base assembly. Shaft speed infinitely variable between approximately 760 and 7700 rpm. Mixer shaft fitted with 50,75mm or 100mm diameter stainless steel rotor with rotor boss and nut. Variable ...

  • Process Plant Machinery Ltd Used High Shear Mixers ...

    Just In 10,000 Ltr Tetra Pak 316 Grade Stainless Steel Insulated Clad Mix Tank; Just In Collard Pelisson Type CBP 60B Cheese Block Cutter; Just In 2,000 Ltr Stainless Steel Tank with Silverson High Shear Mixer Paddle Mixer; Just In 1,100 Ltr GEA Liquid Processing High Shear Jacketed Vacuum Process Mixer; Just In Silverson FLB60 Inline ...

  • High Speed Mixer Manufacturers Suppliers IQS Directory

    High speed mixers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small high speed lab mixers to factory-sized high speed mixers than can hold and mix hundreds of gallons of material at one time. These high speed mixers do not all have inner components that spin like a rotor mixer ; some of them simple spin an entire container vertically or horizontally at high speeds to achieve the desired effect.

  • China Industrial Mixer, Industrial Mixer Manufacturers ...

    Industrial Mixer manufacturers suppliers. Recommended product from this supplier. Industrial Plastic Drying Vertical Color Mixer. FOB Price: US $ 1900-9900 / Piece Min. Order: 1 Piece. Mixer Type: V-Mixer; Working: High Speed Mixer; Stirring Type: Spiral; Application: Powder, Granules; Application Area: Engineering Construction; Layout Type: Verticle; Suppliers with verified business ...

  • Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH: Ringlayer mixer

    The system is based on the high peripheral speed of the mixing shaft tools of up to 50 m/s. The resulting centrifugal force forms a concentric ringlayer of product along the drum wall. The product is moved through the mixing chamber in a plug-flow manner. The retention time depends on the filling level, speed, geometry and mixing tool adjustment as well as the throughputs but is extremely ...

  • High Shear Mixer Manufacturers Suppliers IQS Directory

    High Shear Mixers. High shear mixers are high-speed machines that offer homogenization, emulsification, disintegration, particle size reduction and dispersion for many different solid and liquid materials. Because of high powered mixing blades, called shears, the mixing time is much shorter than other standard mixers. Products undergo shear ...

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