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  • Nome Offshore Mining Information – Alaska Division

    37 行  2014 Nome Recreation Mining Letter to Gold Seekers PDF History of Nome Offshore Mining In 2011, the State of Alaska held a lease auction for 86 lease tracts; successfully leasing a total of about 23,000 acres for Offshore Nome Mining.

  • ADLTRACTMINIMUM BIDPRIMARY BIDDER NAME6038531$4000.00Aidee Hernandez6030564$4000.00Alex Purcell6030575$5000.00Harold Potter60386513$4000.00Vernon Adkison查看dnr.alaska.gov的所有37行
  • Recreational Gold Mining Sites in Alaska

    2019-8-17  Recreational Gold Mining Locations and Operations in Alaska. The Gold Miners Guide To Easy Pickens In Alaska by Rich Lampright AMDS Best Seller! A compilation of information contained in the Anchorage, Talkeetna, EastCentral, Fairbanks and NorthEast books but limited to only those areas designated as "closed to mineral entry".

  • Recreational Gold Mining Alaska Centers

    Land StatusEquipmentSuction DredgesEnvironmental ConsiderationsCommercial EnterprisesIt is not easy to determine where on public lands recreational gold mining is possible and permitted. You must always check on the status of the land before beginning your activities. If you are unsure of the status of a particular area, check with the federal Bureau of Land Management. They maintain the most up to date maps and information on land status, but you will need to know the exact location of the land in which you are interested, including meridian, township, range, and sometimes s...
  • Recreational Gold Mining in Alaska - Alaska Centers

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  • Nome, Alaska - Mining on the Richest Beach on Earth ...

    Gold Rush History of Nome, Alaska. Nome is a fascinating little town in western Alaska. It started out as a mining town when gold was discovered in the sands along the beach back in 1898. Nome is still a mining town, with a population that grows to several thousand people in the summer. Mining History of Nome, Alaska . Within one year there ...

  • Programs: Recreation: Recreation Activities: Alaska:

    2020-6-4  Recreational Gold Panning and RockhoundingThere is still gold in them thar hills! The lure of gold is what brought the miners to Alaska over 100 years ago and is still attracting folks searching for that elusive nugget today. Gold panning and prospecting, if not lucrative can be a fun outdoor entertainment for almost every age.

  • The Legal Maze of Small-Time Gold Dredging in

    2020-6-5  Nome has been the epicenter of gold mining in Alaska since the Alaska Gold Rush blasted off in 1898. Prospectors and miners have been finding gold deposits in the hills and creek beds around Nome for over a century. They have also been finding placer gold (i.e., unrefined gold) in the seabed of Norton Sound, an inlet of the Bering Sea.

  • Nome Gold Adventures - nome alaska,gold

    2014-5-3  Come run with us in the remote regions of Alaska. Experience firsthand what real gold mining is like at our base camp fifty miles northeast of Nome. Travel to our main production camp elsewhere on the Seward Peninsula for visions of gold flowing from the sluice boxes. Meet and mingle with the characters of real gold miners.

  • Mining In Nome County, Alaska The Diggings™

    Nome has 1,228 identified mines listed in The Diggings™. The most commonly listed primary commodities in Nome mines are Gold , Silver , and Tungsten .At the time these mines were surveyed, 330 mines in Nome were observed to have ore mineralization in an outcrop, shallow pit, or isolated drill hole—known as an occurance mine. 1 Nome has 351 prospect mines. 2 545 mines were in

  • Gold Mining in Nome, Alaska - Bering Sea Gold

    One of the most famous gold rushes in American history was in Nome, Alaska. The coastal mining town is located remote Western Alaska along the beaches of the Bering Sea. The original discovery of gold came during the summer of 1898 when rich placer deposits were found along the banks of Anvil Creek.

  • Sea Turtle Mining - Home Facebook

    Sea Turtle Mining. 885 likes 2 talking about this. Professional Service

  • Mining Alaska Stock Photos Mining Alaska Stock

    Share Alamy images with your team and customers. ... Gold mining and prospecters camp recreation, Fairbanks, Alaska Copper mine buildings against sky during ... Front Street in Nome Alaska 2017. The Nome Gold Rush was a gold rush in Nome, Alaska, approximately 1899–1909.

  • Mining In Alaska The Diggings™

    Alaska has 9,896 identified mines listed in The Diggings™. The most commonly listed primary commodities in Alaska mines are Gold , Copper , and Silver .At the time these mines were surveyed, 3,183 mines in Alaska were observed to have ore mineralization in an outcrop, shallow pit, or isolated drill hole—known as an occurance mine. 1 Alaska has 4,142 prospect mines. 2 2,555 mines were in ...

  • Gold Panning in Alaska USA Today

    Interior. In interior Alaska, Nome Creek offers a large area set aside for gold panning just off of Steese Highway. The four-mile area offers one of the largest public mining spots in the state.

  • The Stampede North: The Alaska Gold Rushes, 1897

    Nome’s population fell to 2,600 within the next four years due to the decline in gold production and mining activity. In total, the boom era of 1899 to 1910 yielded over $46 million in gold, including two large gold nuggets worth about $1500 each.

  • Mining Claim Owners In Alaska The Diggings™

    The Diggings lists 581 mining claim owners in Alaska—211 in Anchorage, 56 in Fairbanks, 34 in Wasilla, and 23 in Ketchikan. Of the 581 owners, 1 do not have a city specified in their records and therefore are not included in the table breakdown.

  • Gold Dredge for sale Only 3 left at -75%

    2\u201d dredge - gold mining (2041 nw vine street grants pass) Sold at 1695 $ 2\u201d dredge - gold mining $1695.00 \u2022 new honda motor \u2022 new p-90 keene pump \u2022 used proline pontoons \u2022 suction hose, pressure hose and foot valve and hose all

  • Nome Alaska, United States Britannica

    Nome, city, western Alaska, U.S.A port on the Bering Sea’s Norton Sound, the city is situated on the southern shore of Seward Peninsula.It is some 540 miles (870 km) northwest of Anchorage and 160 miles (260 km) east of the U.S.-Russian border. Before European contact the area had been inhabited solely by Eskimos. The discovery (September 1898) of gulch gold at nearby Anvil Creek resulted in ...

  • Home / Nome, AK - Nome, Alaska

    The official website of Nome, Alaska. COVID-19 Community Information The City of Nome's COVID-19 Information section features information about changes in city operations and feature various local, state and federal resources related to the Novel Coronavirus.

  • Steese Highway Sterling Highway - mile by mile

    2020-6-6  Steese Highway. The Steese Highway (Alaska Route 6) extends 162 miles/260 km from Fairbanks to Circle, a community on the Yukon River just 50 miles below the Arctic Circle.. The first 44 miles/71 km of the route are paved and the remainder is a good gravel road. A number of wilderness hiking and canoe trails along the route are maintained by the Bureau of Land Management.

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    • Gold Ore
    • Copper ore
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