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  • Germanium Transistors

    1 Original Tungsram AC153K PNP high gain Germanium transistor. These work great in fuzz pedals. Gain ranges from 55-120. These are untested and sold as/is, but if you need a matched pair or even just one piece tested, I can do that for $3 per transistor.

  • Amazon: germanium transistor

    NTE Electronics NTE160 PNP Germanium Transistor for RF–IF Amplifier, FM Mixer Oscillator, TO-72 Case, 0.01 Amp Collector Current, 20V Collector–Emitter Voltage 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 $11.43 $ 11 . 43

  • Germanium Transistors :: Transistors :: Semiconductors ...

    2020-6-3  Germanium Transistors. Products. Sort by: Product Price Default Sales. per page; AC122. Ge-Transistor PNP 30V 0,2A. €2,38. ... OC71 Germanium PNP Transistor. €12,08. including VAT 19% , [plus shipping] Qty. Add to cart. Add to wish list. OC75. OC75 Germanium PNP Transistor ...

  • ASX12D Germanium Transistor NKT275 sub PNP

    1 Original ASX12D RFT brand PNP Germanium transistor. These are clones of NKT275 and have VERY low leakage. Gain is between 65-150. These are PRETESTED, so you

  • What Germanium PNP transistor do I use?

    2007-3-17  Germanium transistors were pretty much obsoleted forty years ago, by silicon transistors. There is a far better range of silicon transistors, and generally they have far better specs than germanium transistors. The only reason you'd use a germanium transistor at this time is if there was a specific reason for using germanium. There are still some

  • pnp germanium transistor datasheet applicatoin

    Abstract: germanium transistor pnp crt 1700 OC 44 germanium transistor pnp germanium transistor mazda 3 TRANSISTOR C-111 Germanium Transistor Germanium power Germanium Amplifier Text: E D I S W A N MAZDA XAIOI I.F. TRANSISTOR Germanium PNP

  • PNP Transistor Tutorial - The Bipolar PNP Transistor

    ConstructionVariantsExampleDesignOperationApplicationsPerformanceIntroductionFunctionBasically, in this type of transistor construction the two diodes are reversed with respect to the NPN type giving a Positive-Negative-Positive type of configuration, with the arrow which also defines the Emitter terminal this time pointing inwards in the transistor symbol. The construction of a PNP transistor consists of two P-type semiconductor materials either side of an N-type material as shown below.在electronics-tutorials.ws上查看更多信息
  • Germanium Transistor Assortment 20 pcs NPN PNP

  • : 5/5
  • Bipolarer Transistor (NPN PNP Aufbau Funktionsweise)

    Aufbau Des bipolaren TransistorsSpannungs- und StromverteilungFunktionsweise eines TransistorsEigenschaften Des bipolaren Npn-TransistorsÜbersicht: TransistorJeder bipolare Transistor besteht aus drei dünnen Halbleiterschichten, die übereinander gelegt sind. Man unterscheidet zwischen einer npn- oder pnp-Schichtenfolge. Die mittlere Schicht ist im Vergleich zu den beiden anderen Schichten sehr dünn. Die Schichten sind mit metallischen Anschlüssen versehen, die aus dem Gehäuse herausführen. Die Außenschichten des bipolaren Transistors werden Kollektor (C) und Emitter (E) genannt. Die mittlere Schicht hat die Bezeichnung Basis (B) und ist die Steuer...
  • Vintage Radio and Electronics. Germanium Transistors

    2015-2-7  A site for the novice or established collector/restorer of Vintage Radio sets and Electronics.Valve (tube) and Transistor with information/projects and technical help . For the Radio Constructor we have an archive of Vintage Circuits (schematics) to build

  • Germanium vs. Silicon Transistors - Robert Keeley

    Germanium vs. Silicon Transistors. September 11, 2013; Overdrive/Distortion, Technical; One facet of the design process here at Keeley Electronics comes down to selecting not just the highest quality components for use in our pedals, but the right component for the sounds we’re trying to achieve.

  • Germanium Transistor eBay Shops

    10 x AF379 Germanium Transistor PNP 950MHz TUNGSRAM . 0 Gebote: EUR 2,45 +EUR 2,00: Restzeit: 3T 22Std 9Min: AC125 Germanium Transistor PNP TO-1 PHILIPS . EUR 2,45 +EUR 2,00: Restzeit: 28T 21Std 35Min: SN7490N SIGNETICS . EUR 2,95 +EUR 2,00: Restzeit: 21T 19Std 24Min: SFT323E alter Germanium Transistor IPRS PNP .

  • Germanium Transistor Ac128 for sale eBay

    Make Offer - 5x SFT323 Germanium Ge PNP Transistor 18V 250mA 200mW 1Mhz ~ AC128 EFT323 2N2706 2x MATCHED GT1322 Hfe=49 Germanium PNP PAIR Transistors SFT322 AC128 2N2706 $5.55

  • Bipolarer Transistor (NPN PNP Aufbau Funktionsweise)

    PNP-Transistor. Spannungs- und Stromverteilung. Strom und Spannung am NPN-Transistor ... mit einem Schwellwert von 0,6 bis 0,7 V. Es gibt auch Germanium-Transistoren mit einem Schwellwert von 0,3 V. Mittels einer Hilfsspannung U BE kann der Schwellwert vorab eingestellt werden. Dieses Vorgehen wird als Arbeitspunkteinstellung bezeichnet.

  • PNP Transistor Tutorial - The Bipolar PNP Transistor

    To cause the Base current to flow in a PNP transistor the Base needs to be more negative than the Emitter (current must leave the base) by approx 0.7 volts for a silicon device or 0.3 volts for a germanium device with the formulas used to calculate the Base resistor, Base current or Collector current are the same as those used for an equivalent ...

  • Germanium PNP Transistor - web-bcs

    2019-1-20  Germanium-PNP-Drift-Transistor für ZF-Verstärkerstufen bei 470 kHz und 10,7 MHz. Germanium PNP drift transistor for IF amplier stages at 470 kHz and 10,7 MHz. Abmessungen Dimensions Mage in mm Normgehåuse DIN 18 B 4 Gewicht Weight max. 1 g -30_..+75 AnschluB ist mit dem Gehåuse verbunden S is to case Zubehör Accessories

  • germanium transistor, germanium transistor Suppliers

    PNP low frequency low power germanium transistor 3AX31 3AX31B 3AX31C TO-39 US $0.10 - $1.00 / Piece

  • Germanium Transistor for sale eBay

    Get the best deal for Germanium Transistor from the largest online selection at eBay. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free shipping on many items!

  • NTE158 Germanium PNP Transistor Audio Power Amplifier

    2019-10-25  Germanium PNP Transistor Audio Power Amplifier Description: The NTE158 is a germanium PNP triode transistor in a TO1 type package designed for low−power, large signal audio applications. Absolute Maximum Ratings: (TA = +25 C)

  • Germanium Transistor for sale eBay

    Make Offer - MULLARD/PHILIPS OC44, NOS Germanium PNP Transistor "5 Pieces" HFE 110>115 (1) SIEMENS ASY27 Germanium Transistor TO-5 Package New Lot Quantity-10 $9.50

  • PNP Germanium Transistor Buffer - muzique

    2020-1-5  PNP Germanium Transistor Buffer Basic Info and Mods. ... The AC128 is a great sounding germanium transistor but if you buy many of them, there will be a large number left over that have too much base-to-emitter leakage to be useful in a voltage amplifier circuit.

  • Germanium PNP Transistor - web-bcs

    2019-4-19  OEM: RFT Transistor GD241 Datasheet Germanium PNP Transistor GD241 40V / 3A DATASHEET OEM – RFT Source: RFT Datenbuch Germanium Transistoren 71/72 Datasheet Rev. 1.0 – 03/19 – data without warranty / liability

  • What is a Germanium Transistor? (with picture)

    2020-5-16  A germanium transistor is a variation on a standard transistor built on the element silicon, where, instead, a silicon-silicon-germanium alloy is commonly used to increase transmission speed of electrical signals. Individual electrical component speed adds up as an aggregate, and, therefore, a germanium transistor array can significantly increase the processing speed of a circuit.

  • Early Power Transistor Evolution, Part 1, Germanium

    2020-5-11  The 2N1532 is also a germanium PNP power transistor, similar to a number of other power transistors of the time. It is packaged in the widely recognizable TO-3 -shaped hermetic package. Being a much less complex case design it must have been considerably less costly than the TO-36 package in Figure 1, and has become one of the most ...

  • Germanium Mesa Transistor, PNP, for High–Speed

    2019-10-25  NTE126 Germanium Mesa Transistor, PNP, for High–Speed Switching Applications Maximum Ratings: Collector–Emitter Voltage, VCE ...

  • PNP Germanium Transistors : Great Deals On NOS,

    Motorola 2N1359 PNP Germanium Power Transistor Motorola new old stock TO-3 case, gold leads VCBO: 50 Volts VEBO: 25 Volts IC: 10 Amps PTOT: 106 Watts $17.84 Add:

  • Germanium Transistor PNP, NPN m.m. Elektronik

    Bestil online til afhentning eller levering! Vores fysiske butik genåbner fra og med d. 20. april. - og holder åbent alle hverdage fra 8:30 - 16:00 I den fysiske butik ekspederer vi først og fremmest kunder der:. bestiller online til afhentning.

  • Semiconductors - Transistors, Germanium

    Transistor PNP Germanium 25V 0.15A TO-5 Pre-amp Driver Output Package Quantity: 1 Add to Cart. $8.21. Part No: NTE102A. Transistor PNP Germanium 32V 1A TO-1 Medium Driver Package Quantity: 1 Add to Cart. $10.44. Part No: NTE103. Transistor NPN Germanium 30V 0.3A TO-5 Audio ...

  • What is PNP Transistor: Working of Transistors as ...

    2 天前  Transistor as switch : The application of an PNP transistor is to work as a high side switch. To explain with a PSPICE model, PN2907A transistor has been selected. The first important thing to bear in mind to use a current limiting resistor at base.

  • What is PNP Transistor: Working of Transistors as ...

    2 天前  Transistor as switch : The application of an PNP transistor is to work as a high side switch. To explain with a PSPICE model, PN2907A transistor has been selected. The first important thing to bear in mind to use a current limiting resistor at base.

  • Germanium Transistors - Das Musikding

    Germanium Transistoren from current production and NOS (= New Old Stock), stock from the 70s und 80s. Most Germanium Types are also offered selected by gain factor and low leakage! AC116 - PNP

  • Ac128 Germanium Pnp Transistors Products

    Find Ac128 Germanium Pnp Transistors related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Ac128 Germanium Pnp Transistors information.

  • PNP Transistor Tutorial - Der Bipolar PNP Transistor

    Damit der Basisstrom in einem PNP-Transistor fließen kann, muss die Basis negativer sein als der Emitter (der Strom muss die Basis verlassen), und zwar um ca. 0,7 volt für ein Silizium-Bauelement oder um 0,3 volt für ein Germanium-Bauelement, wobei die Formeln zur Berechnung des Basiswiderstandes, des Basisstromes oder des Kollektorstromes ...

  • Germanium Darlington Pairs

    2019-5-28  Q1 can be either germanium or silicon. Figure 29 shows an NPN germanium for Q1 and PNP germanium for Q2. I have successfully used a low-gain silicon "dot" for Q1 (Fig. 30), and you can find other possibilities on my Stock List, like the 2N2369A or 2N3440. This setup used NPN germanium for Q1 and PNP germanium for Q2.

  • germanium transistor pnp datasheet applicatoin

    Abstract: germanium transistor pnp crt 1700 OC 44 germanium transistor pnp germanium transistor mazda 3 TRANSISTOR C-111 Germanium Transistor Germanium power Germanium Amplifier Text: E D I S W A N MAZDA XAIOI I.F. TRANSISTOR Germanium PNP

  • ASZ16 datasheet(1/18 Pages) ETC1 Germanium PNP

    OEM:ValvoTransistor ASZ16DatasheetGermanium PNP TransistorASZ1660V / 10ADATASHEETOEM – ValvoSource: Valvo Halbleiterdioden und Transistoren1967Datasheet Rev. 1.3 – 12/18 – data without warranty / liability datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes and other semiconductors.

  • AC128 PNP Germanium Transistor Spice Model (Rare!)

    2017-7-19  Ac128 pnp germanium transistor spice model! Note: this is a typical .cir type file spice model: *AC128 PNP Germanium Transistor Spice Model *.MODEL AC128_X PNP IS=1.41f ISC=0 ISE=0 IKF=80m IKR=0 ITF=0.4 ... Note for a "matched" npn germanium transistor spice model: ... a jelly bean type Si PNP transistor, you get similar results.

  • AC125 Germanium PNP Transistor - QRPparts

    AC125 Germanium PNP Transistor. Ptot(500mW), Ucb(32V), Ueb(10V), Ic(200mA). AF pre-amplifier.

  • Special feature transistors Nexperia

    2017-1-28  40 V, 2 A PNP low VCEsat (BISS) transistor with N-channel Trench MOSFET Production 下载数据手册 样品 PHPT610035NK NPN/NPN high power double bipolar transistor Production 下载数据手册 样品 PHPT610035PK PNP/PNP matched high power double

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