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  • Gravel Calculator - Gravelmaster

    Our gravel calculator can be used for most gravel and aggregates featured on our website. Do you need assistance? If you are ordering a large amount of gravel, aggregate or slate maybe you would like to discuss it with us on 0330 058 5068, as there may be transport savings to be made on orders over 15 bulk bags, or on a loose tipped load of 20 tonnes or more.

  • How Much Cement, Gravel And Sand Do I Need?

    How Much Gravel do I Need – Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel, cement, and water. When wet, it can be formed in different ways. When it hardens or sets, it becomes like rock. It is used to bond bricks or stones, or to make walls, walkways, and sidewalks. The exact ratio of ingredients used confers its particular properties of concrete. If you plan to work with concrete, you must know how ...

  • How many bags of cement and sand and aggregate are in

    06.11.2018  How much CFT, CuM, kg in 1 Bag of Cement How much weight, total bags in 1 cubic meter Derivati - Duration: 7:08. CET-Civil Engg Technology 33,529 views 7:08

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  • Concrete Calculator - Estimate Cement, Sand, Gravel ...

    On this page, you can calculate material consumption viz., cement, sand, stone gravel for the following concrete mix ratios - 1:1.5:3, 1:2:4, 1:3:6, 1:4:8, 1:5:10. Once, the quantities are determined, it is easy to estimate the cost of a concrete block, driveway, patio, yard or any other structure with the price prevailing in your area. To find the amount of ready mix concrete for a slab, you ...

  • Estimation of Cement, Sand, and Gravel in Construction

    In the estimation of cement, sand, and gravel volumes for concrete proportioning, we use the Fuller's Formula. This is an easy way to get a rough estimate in case you are in the field. FULLER'S FORMULA. Let: C = number of bags of cement per cubic meter of concrete work (bag/ m 3) S = volume of sand per cubic meter of concrete work (m 3 of sand / m 3) G = volume of gravel per cubic meter of ...

  • How Many Bags of Concrete for a Fence Post? HGTV

    The general rule of thumb when setting a post is that the depth of the post’s hole needs to be 1/3 to 1/2 of the actual above-ground height of the post. So, six-foot-high fence posts ideally need to be buried three feet into the ground. The diameter of your post hole should be three times the diameter of your post.

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  • Calculators Cement Australia

    This series of concrete calculators has been developed to help you plan your project. You can calculate how much concrete, cement, sand, mortar or render you will need. For each calculation you will have to know the ons of your object. The calculator will perform the sums for you - where relevant it will add a small percentage for the wastage that inevitably happens when mixing using ...

  • How many bags of cement are in a yard? AnswersDrive

    An average 1:2:3 mix contains one part cement, two parts sand and three parts gravel. To make 1 cubic yard of concrete, you'd need seven 94 -pound bags of cement, about 1/2 cubic yard of sand and just over 3/4 cubic yard of gravel.

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  • How to Calculate Quantity for Cement , Sand Aggregate

    01.02.2017  How to Calculate Quantity for Cement , Sand Aggregate. In This channel You can Learn about Civil Engineering Update Videos which are using generally in civil Engineering. So please subscribe our ...

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  • Cement Calculator - Telus

    Tax, sand/gravel not included in cost. Using This Cement Calculator. This calculator is based on 6 - 94 Lb. sacks of Portland Cement per cubic yard (3000psi). 27 cubic feet equals 1 cubic yard. Enter length, width in feet, and thickness in inches. Enter cost per bag of cement. Round off answer to next even higher figures. This calculator is ...

  • Concrete Calculators - cement, sand, gravel and all-in ...

    Paving mix - 1:3½ cement:all-in ballast or 1:1½:2½ cement:sharp sand:gravel. Comment: If you are wondering how 1:2½:3½ equals 1:5 ("shouldn't it be 1:6" I hear someone say), the answer is that there is a lot of space between the individual pieces of gravel which will accommodate some sand, and when 2½ parts sand is mixed with 3½ parts gravel, the final volume will reduce down to about 5 ...

  • Gravel Calculator - Easily Calculate How Much Gravel

    5 Poly Bags (100kg) 5 Poly Bags (100kg) 5 Poly Bags (100kg) 5m 2: 2 Bulk Bags / 70 Poly Bags (1,400kg / 1.4t) 3 Bulk Bags / 90 Poly Bags (1,800kg / 1.8t) 3 Bulk Bags / 115 Poly Bags (2,300kg / 2.3t) 10m 2: 7 Bulk Bags (5,950kg / 5.9t) 9 Bulk Bags (7,650 / 7.6t) 11 Bulk Bags (9,350 / 9.3t) 25m 2: 40 Bulk Bags (34,000kg / 34t) 53 Bulk Bags (45,050kg) 67 Bulk Bags (56,950kg) How much gravel do I ...

  • Gravel Calculator How much gravel do you need? - Omni

    Keep reading to understand how to use our calculator to answer the question "how much gravel do I need?" After all, you don't want to overspend and end up with tonnes of material you will never use. If you are in the middle of building your very own house, you have to check out our concrete slab calculator - it will tell you how many bags of cement you really need! How much gravel do I need ...

  • Concrete Calculator - How Much Do I Need? QUIKRETE ...

    CONCRETE CALCULATOR - How Much Do I Need? You can use this concrete calculator to help you determine the number of bags of QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, or Fast-Setting Concrete you will need for the following projects. (All calculations are rounded up to the next highest whole bag).

  • How many bags of gravel are required in 1 cubic meter?

    Are you asking for the number of bags of gravel needed for one cubic meter of concrete? The unit measure usually used in proportioning the aggregates of concrete are by weights which can always be translated into volume. The unit used for cement a...

  • What is the ratio of one bag cement to sand and gravel

    What is the ratio of one bag cement to sand and gravel Products. As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, What is the ratio of one bag cement to sand and gravel, quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals.

  • On-Site concrete calculator. - Source4me

    On-Site Concrete calculator. Use this calculator to determine how much sand, aggregate (gravel) and cement is required for mixing on site a given area of concrete (1:2:4 ratio). Please enter the ons in the white fields below and click calculate to display the results. See below for help on concrete.

  • Gravel Calculator

    Total required gravel mass in lbs = 181,677.745 lbs - Metric gravel bags estimation: Total no. of 50 kg bags needed = 1,649 bags . Total no. of 80 kg bags needed = 1,031 bags. Total no. of 100 kg bags needed = 825 bags. Total no. of 850 kg bulk bags needed = 97 bags - English gravel bags estimation: Total no. of 50 lbs bags needed = 3,634 bags

  • How much cement, sand, and gravel is needed for 1

    About 125 pounds of dry material is needed to make 1 cubic foot of concrete. A standard recipe for concrete is 1 part cement, 2 parts sand and 3 parts gravel. You will require about 20.8 pounds cement, 41.7 pounds sand and 62.5 pounds gravel. This...

  • Mix Design Calculation Chart - Boral

    Mix Design Calculation Chart MORTAR • Laying BRICKS and BLOCKS • Building STONE walls ... cement 1 1 1 sand 3 2.5 2 stone or gravel 5 4 3 Mix (as per concrete use) No. 20kg bags of cement cubic metres (m3) of sand cubic metres (m3) cement sand stone of stone 1 2 3 16 0.5 0.8 1 2.5 4 13 0.5 0.8 1 3 5 11 0.5 0.9 *Slab thickness in mm. 3. Decide whether to use: (a) Premix concrete from a ...

  • How To Calculate Cement, Sand, Aggregate Quantity

    Cement quantity in litres in 1 bag of cement = 34.7 litres 1 Bag of cement in cubic metres = 0.0347 cubic meter How many CFT (Cubic Feet) = 1.226 CFT Numbers of Bags in 1 cubic metre cement = 28.8 Bags. Specific gravity of cement = 3.15

  • How to Calculate Cement, Sand and Aggregate required

    The proportions of cement, sand, coarse aggregate and water plays an important role in determining the fresh and hardended properties of concrete. So care should be taken while calculating the amount of Cement, Sand and Aggregate required for 1 Cubic meter of Concrete. Method-1: DLBD method to determine material requirement for 1 Cum concrete The DLBD (Dry Loose

  • Portland Cement Volume Calculator - Telus

    Enter number of bags of Portland cement or fraction of bag. Example: One and half bag, Enter 1.5 Round off answer to next even higher figures. This calculator is intended for approximate guidance. Working with Concrete Tips Hand Mixing Only use clean water, sand and gravel. Aim for a mix of 1 part cement, 2-1/4 part sand and 3 parts aggregate.

  • Concrete Calculator - how much concrete do you need in ...

    Free online concrete calculator for your construction projects. Calculate the required weight and volume of readymix concrete you need for your wall, column, steps, slabs, footings, and others. Easy to use calculator for how much concrete you need in cubic feet, cubic yards, cubic meters, tons, tonnes, as well as bags of concrete of different sizes.

  • Concrete Calculator - Find Yards or Bags for a Slab or

    Estimate how many pre-mixed bags needed for smaller projects, if it may not be practical to order a truckload of concrete and pre-mixed bags make the most sense. You can purchase pre-mix bags from your local home center. Refer to table below that shows the coverage of different sizes of pre-mix bags. On average it will take 90 40lb bags, 60 ...

  • How many bags of cement sand and gravel to make 1

    Figure about 1/2 cubic foot per 60 lb bag. The basic formula is to use equal amounts of cement, sand, and gravel. There are 27 cubic yards per cubic foot. It depends upon how thick you are ...

  • Cement Aggregates - Building Materials

    Brooks have a great range of quality cements and aggregates. We have small 25kg bags and large 1 ton bags available. Choose sand, cement in separate or pre mixed bags.

  • How many bags of portland cement is needed to mix 1

    The number of sacks of portland cement per cubic yard determines the strength of the finished product. For casual use 1-2-3 works fine. if you were pouring a driveway you might consider how much ...

  • How many bags of cement do I need to make 1 cubic

    1 Cement 2 Sand 3 Aggregate (gravel) is too strong. 16bags (costly) 1 Cement 2.5 Sand 4 Aggregate is OK for fence posts. 13bags of cement per cubic metre. The more cement the more costly of course so don’t over do it. Note: These are 20kg bags of General Purpose cement.

  • Concrete calculation, volume in concrete mix bag

    Concrete mixes normally require about 1 liter per +/- 13 kg of concrete mix. For a 40kg bag we are talking about +/- 3 liters of water. Concrete preparation . The preparation of concrete involves the mixing of materials such as: cement, sand, gravel and water. Under certain circumstances, the addition of metal or plastic materials may increase ...

  • Aggregate, Gravel Cement Jewson

    Aggregate, Gravel Cement. Aggregate; Aggregate. 12 Products. Filters. Manufacturer Name. Various (12) Brand. JEWSON (12) Thickness. 10 mm (2) 20 mm (2) Weight. 25 kg (6) 800 kg (6) Range. Bulk Bag (4) Handy Bag (4) Close. Close. Filter (0) Sort by. Sort. JEWSON Gravel/Shingle 20mm Bulk Bag. AGSTB007. SKU: AGSTB007. Trade Sign in or apply for trade prices £ 61.79 inc VAT each. Loading.

  • Metric calculator for concrete - cement, sand, gravel etc

    Concrete Materials Calculators - easy to use metric calculators for working out the cement, sand, gravel or all-in ballast required for concrete.

  • How It Works: Concrete - Popular Mechanics

    To make 1 cubic yard of concrete, you'd need seven 94-pound bags of cement, about 1/2 cubic yard of sand and just over 3/4 cubic yard of gravel. The amount of water you use depends on how wet the ...

  • Quikrete 80 lb. Concrete Mix-110180 - The Home Depot

    Quikrete 80 lb. Concrete Mix can be used for building or repairing foundation walls, sidewalks, curbs, steps and ramps and for setting posts. This mix designed for pouring concrete 2 in. thick or more. Quikrete 80 lb. Concrete Mix consists of a uniformly blended, properly proportioned mixture of gravel, sand and Portland cement.

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  • 2020 Gravel Prices Crushed Stone Cost (Per Ton, Yard

    How Much Does A Bag Of Gravel Cost? A plain bag of pea gravel or crushed stone costs $2 to $6 per bag and covers 2 cubic feet or less depending on the type. Decorative or colored gravel costs $6 to $8 per bag. Bags of gravel are sold at most home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's.

  • How To Mix Concrete - Easy Step By Step Instructions For ...

    You can use this guide on how to mix concrete by hand for a pre-mixed bag like quikcrete or if you're using a bag of cement, sand, gravel, and water. The instructions are very similar, the only difference being with the pre-mixed bag the dry materials are already combined. THINGS YOU'LL NEED: 1. Wheelbarrow 2. Water/Hose 3. Bags of Portland Cement 4. Gloves/Safety es 5. Shovel and/or

  • Quikrete 50 lb. All-Purpose Gravel-115150 - The Home

    Quikrete 50 lb. All-Purpose Gravel is a multi-use product for a variety of decorative and landscaping applications. This product has been washed and properly graded for consistency. It can also be used for structural applications when combined with other materials, such as portland cement and Quikrete all-purpose Sand for making concrete.

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  • How Many Bags of Concrete do I Need - Housesumo

    Learn how to calculate how much concrete is needed for projects around the home and how many bags of concrete mix to buy. ... Putting it all together we get 0.42 x 0.42 x 3.14 x 3 = 1.66 cubic feet. 1.66 cubic feet ÷ 0.6 cubic feet per 80 pound bag = 2.77 eighty pound bags per footing. Fence Post Holes. Fence post calculations are similar to deck footing calculations, except, we have to ...

  • List of Construction Prices for Concreting Works

    Concreting Works Concrete Soil Poisoning - Termicide Liter 325.00 Gravel cu.m 1,310.00 Wash Sand cu.m 1,435.00 Portland Cement, 40kg Bag 259.00 Pozzolan Cement, 40kg Bag 261.00 Steel Bars 10mm Diameter Deformed Bars pc 156.00 12mm Diameter Deformed Bars pc 221.00 16mm Diameter Deformed Bars pc 392.00 20mm

  • how to estimate the # of bags of cement, sand gravel ...

    15.01.2010  if you mean cement sand AND gravel then the answer could be anything if you mean cement sand or gravel then i guese you would take the volume and devide it by how much one bage covers in volume but if you don't know how much volume one bag covers than you can't solve this problem with only knowing the volume of the project

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