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  • Sand Equivalent - Pavement Interactive

    OverviewBackgroundTest DescriptionThe sand equivalent test (Figure 1) is a rapid field test to show the relative proportions of fine dust or clay-like materials in fine aggregate (or granular soils). The term “sand equivalent” expresses the concept that most fine aggregates are mixtures of desirable coarse particles (e.g., sand) and generally undesirable clay or plastic fines and dust (ASTM, 2003).These materials can coat aggregate particles and prevent proper asphal在pavementinteractive.org上查看更多信息
  • Sand Equivalent Test - ftp.dot.state.tx.us

    SAND EQUIVALENT TEST TxDOT Designation: Tex-203-F ... 4.1.1 Select a representative sample of material in accordance with the applicable specification. Note 2—When evaluating the sand equivalent of aggregate used for bituminous materials, such as hot mix asphalt, hot-mix cold-laid, and microsurfacing, combine the aggregates without mineral filler, recycled materials, or additives as used

  • Sand equivalent shakers, Aggregates testing equipment ...

    Sand equivalent shakers. Request more info. close. Text and images; print page . EN 933-8 ASTM D2419 AASHTO T176 Images. 47-T0056/C 47-T0056/B . General description. General description. To provide a completely uniform shaking action at the specified rate and also eliminating any operator fatigue. In the version 47-T0056/C, conforming to CE directive, the machine stops automatically when ...

  • Sand Equivalent Test Kit - Sand Equivalent Value of Soils ...

    The Sand Equivalent Test Kit is used to determine the fines of aggregates. The Sand Equivalent test set is supplied with four measuring cylinders, two rubber stoppers, measuring can, irrigator tube, siphon assembly with bottle, weighted foot, funnel, graduated rule, 1

  • Sand equivalent test set, Aggregates testing equipment ...

    Accessories Accessories 47-T0050/7B Sand equivalent stock solution, 125 cc bottle. Pack of 20. 47-T0050/8 Clamp stand set. Holds siphon assembly in place during the test.

  • Sand Testing Equipment - Sand Testing Device Latest Price ...

    Sand Equivalent ShakerThe unit provides a constant uniform shaking with automatic cycle test. Oscillating excursion is 200 mm at 175 strokes / minute rate. Complete with timer that automatically stops the shaker at the end of the test. Power Supply 230 V A.C. 50Hz.

  • Standard Test Method for Sand Equivalent Value of Soils ...

    D2419-14 Standard Test Method for Sand Equivalent Value of Soils and Fine Aggregate sand equivalent value~ fines content~ granular soils~


    PurposeEquipment and MaterialsTest ProcedureCalculationTo determine the percent of undesirable particles in the fine aggregate fraction used in the design of Portland cement concrete mixtures. The method is also applicable for determining the relative proportions of detrimental fine dust or claylike material in soils.在civilblog.org上查看更多信息

    Sand Equivalent Test Set ASTM EN, supplied with 4 pcs. transparent two graduated acrylic plastic measuring cylinders, 2 pcs. solid rubber stopper, syphon assembly (irrigator tube with valve, syphon tube and hose, blow tube and hose, 5 L plastic can with two-hole stopper), plunger assembly, measuring can, wide-mouth funnel, ruler with special set bag. Washing and Flocculating (Stock Solution ...

  • Sand Equivalent Test - Gilson Co.

    Sand Equivalent Shakers are available in motorized and hand-operated models for determining the portion of undesirable clay-like fines in granular soils and fine aggregates.; Sand Equivalent Test Sets are sold as complete kits or separate components to measure proportions of

  • Sand equivalent test - Wikipedia

    The sand equivalent test quantifies the relative abundance of sand versus clay in soil. It is measured by standardized test methods such as ASTM D2419, AASHTO T176, and EN 933-8. The test is used to qualify aggregates for applications where sand is desirable but fines and dust are not.

  • AASHTO T 176 Sand Equivalent Test - YouTube

    13.06.2013  AASHTO T 176. Plastic Fines in Graded Aggregates and Soils by Use of the Sand Equivalent Test. Training video produced by the Oklahoma Highway Construction M...

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  • A review of New Zealand’s specifications and laboratory ...

    A review of New Zealand’s specifications and laboratory test methods for fine aggregate and sand J.S Lowe, Winstone Aggregates Dr D.J Wilson, The University of Auckland Prof. P.M Black, The University of Auckland. Content Aggregate Facts Locality of Source Current NZ Tests Initial Findings Conclusions Recommendations for further work. NZ consumption of aggregates: 45m tonnes/annum


    Steel Castings Handbook Supplement 2 Summary of Standard Specifications For Steel Castings - 2017 PREFACE Supplement 2 will be revised at regular intervals. Supplement 2 is only a summary that is useful in comparing the general requirements in different types of specifications. When ordering, an up-to-date original specification should be used.

  • Manuals Documents - South Dakota Department of ...

    Determining Target dry density In-place Density of Salvaged/Recycled Materials Using the Nuclear Gauge (Test Strip) SD 220 Sodium Sulfate Soundness of Aggregates SD 221 Sand Equivalent of Fine Aggregate Section 300 - Asphalt Table of Contents SD 301 Field Sampling Asphalt Materials SD 302

  • Aggregates testing equipment, Controls

    Tests for thermal and weathering properties of aggregates Tests for chemical properties of aggregates In the majority of cases the EN Standards correspond to other reference Standards as for example ASTM and AASHTO and, apart from a few exceptions there is almost no difference in the specification of test

  • Sand Equivalent Test Equipment - Humboldt Mfg. Co.

    Motorized Sand Equivalent Shaker. Offers increased accuracy and ease of operation compared to a spring-type timer. H-4340.XX Sand Equivalent Test Set. Sand equivalent serve as rapid field-correlation tests for soil testing. H-4378 Manually Operated Sand Equivalent Shaker. Ideal for use on job site to give more uniform shaking action. H-4342.XX ...

  • Division 9 Materials - Washington State Department of ...

    2016 Standard Specifications M 41-10 Page 9-1 Division 9 Materials 9-00 Definitions and Tests 9-00.1 Fracture “Fractured aggregate is defined as an angular, rough, or broken surface of an aggregate particle created by crushing, or by other means. A face is considered a “fractured face” whenever one-half or more of the projected area, when viewed normal to that face, is fractured with ...

  • Specification for basecourse aggregate TNZ M/4

    results show that the aggregate complies w ith this specification, testing will be at the Principal's cost, otherwise testing will be at the cost of the Contractor. 4.2 Production Property Tests 4.2.1 Quality of Fines The basecourse aggregate shall comply with either Sand Equivalent or Clay Index or Plasticity Index requirement stated below. Sand Equivalent The sand equivalent shall ...

  • WSDOT Errata to FOP for AASHTO T 176

    SAND EQUIVALENT TEST FOP FOR AASHTO T 176 . Scope . This procedure covers the determination of plastic fines in accordance with AASHTO T 176-08. It serves as a rapid test to show the relative proportion of fine dust or clay-like materials in fine aggregates (FA) and soils. Apparatus . See AASHTO T 176 for a detailed listing of sand equivalent apparatus. Note that the siphon tube and blow tube ...

  • Crushing value apparatus (ACV), Aggregates testing ...

    Sand equivalent test set; Sand equivalent shakers; Methilene blue test set; Andreasen pipette; Bottle roller; Efflux index apparatus; Crushing apparatus. Crushing value apparatus (ACV) Crushing resistance of lightweight aggregate apparatus; Laboratory crusher; Hammer mill; Jar mills; Abrasion testing machines. Micro-Deval testing machine ...

  • Los Angeles Abrasion - Pavement Interactive

    Overview. The Los Angeles (L.A.) abrasion test (Figure 1) is a common test method used to indicate aggregate toughness and abrasion characteristics. Aggregate abrasion characteristics are important because the constituent aggregate in HMA must resist crushing, degradation and disintegration in order to produce a high quality HMA.. Figure 1: L.A. abrasion testing equipment.

  • Section 801 Fine Aggregate - Georgia Department of ...

    Specifications. 2. Manufactured Sand Use manufactured sand made exclusively from crushed stone or gravel that meets Section 800 requirements. Manufactured sand used in concrete for construction of Portland cement concrete pavement, approach slabs, and bridge decks, shall be made from Group II aggregates as specified in Subsection 800.2.01.A.2. 3. Miscellaneous Concrete Sand manufactured

  • Sand / Media Specifications

    Sand Media Specifications Should we continue using the two different sand specifications? Is there a need to make adjustments to our existing specifications? Do we allow the use of other media? Summary: This report summarizes the literature on the topic of specifications for media of sand-based on-site wastewater treatment systems. The granular media must be coarse enough to permit a ...

  • Sand Equivalent Value - Soil testing engineering - Eng-Tips

    30.06.2009  In our Specification there is a requirement which says, 'the aggregate shall meet the sand equivalent (clay content)requirements... minimum sand equivalent percent 40 ...'. If we see the sand equivalent formula, which is 100*sand reading/ clay reading, the higher the sand reading during testing means it gives higher sand equivalent value, and that means there are less clayey materials. Either ...

  • Sand Equivalent Test Sets - Gilson Co.

    Sand Equivalent Test Sets are used to indicate the relative proportions of clay-like fines in granular soils and fine aggregates. Gilson sets include everything required in ASTM and AASHTO test methods to conduct the test except the shaker. Each component is also available separately as an accessory.

  • Aggregate Archives - CivilBlog.Org

    SAND EQUIVALENT VALUE SOIL FINE AGGREGATES (ASTM-D-2419) Suryakanta October 17, 2015. Sand Equivalent Value Test Purpose To determine the percent of undesirable particles in the fine aggregate fraction used in the design of Portland cement concrete mixtures. The method Read More. Aggregate. CLAY LUMPS AND FRIABLE PARTICLES IN AGGREGATE (ASTM-C-142) Suryakanta October 13, 2015. Test

  • Clay, Aggregate and Concrete - Texas AM University

    Sand Equivalent and Loss by Decantation Tests The sand equivalent (Tex-203-F) and loss by decan­ tation (Tex-406-A) test methods used in this program are given in the Appendix. The sand equivalent test was developed by F. N. Hveem while he was serving as Materials and Research Engineer, California Division o.f Highways. It was to


    FIELD SAMPLING AND TESTING MANUAL . TESTING PROCEDURES . FOR ALL TESTS . Intentionally Left Blank _____ 3/13/2019 Revised Procedures Page 1 of 2 TESTING PROCEDURES FOR ALL TESTS . TABLE OF CONTENTS . ND T 2 Sampling Of Aggregates . ND T 11 Materials Finer than No. 200 Sieve in Mineral Aggregates by Washing . ND T 23 Making and Curing Concrete Test

  • Selecting Lubricants Based on Specifications

    Selecting Lubricants Based on Specifications ... The consolidation process should help identify products that are equivalent, lubricants that have similar specifications, machines that can utilize multi-purpose lubricants and when it is practical to use a higher quality lubricant. At this point, a consolidated list of lubricants can be generated, including all equipment applications for each ...


    Comparison of ASME Specifications and European Standards 4 Test Parameter European Standards (EN Standards) ASME and/or ASTM Specifications Areas of Difference Net Effect in the ASME and ASTM materials specifications are the 2 in. (50 mm) gage length round, 0.5 in (12.5 mm) dia., test

  • A Durability Test for Aggregates

    A Durability Test for Aggregates F. N. HVEEM and TRAVIS W. SMITH Respectively, Materials and Research Engineer and Supervising Highway Engineer, Materials and Research Department, California Division of Highways, Sacramento The routine tests used in California to control the quality of aggregates, particularly bases and subbases, are grading, specific gravity, unit weight, absorption ...

  • Test Method for Measuring for Quality in Milling Operations

    Testing • ASTM E 965-01, Standard Test Method for Measuring Pavement Macrotexture Depth using a Volumetric Technique. Referred to as the “Sand Patch Test”. • Note 1 – “. This test method is not considered suitable for use on grooved surfaces or pavements with

  • List of EN standards - Wikipedia

    Grading. Requirements for machine strength graded timber and grading machines (Replaced by EN 14081-1) EN 567: Mountaineering equipment. Rope clamps. Safety requirements and test methods; EN 590: Specification for automotive diesel; EN 694: Fire-fighting hoses. Semi-rigid hoses for fixed systems; EN 716: Children's cots and folding cots for ...



  • Testing of Sand Quality at Construction Site for Concrete

    Testing of Sand Quality at Construction Site. Following are the tests for sand at construction site: Organic impurities test – this test is conducted at the field, for every 20 cum or part thereof.; Silt content test – this is also a field test and to be conducted for every 20 cum.; Particle size distribution – this test can be conducted at site or in laboratory for every 40 cum of sand.

  • Laboratory Testing Equipment for Soil Analysis

    Humboldt's soil lab testing equipment includes Atterberg limits testing, hydrometer analysis, permeability, CBR, unconfined soil testers and sand equivalent testing. This equipment is used to evaluate soils per ASTM standards such as ASTM D1883, D4318, D2166 and D7928.

  • WV DOH Sand Patch Test - Macro Texture - YouTube

    09.05.2016  This video demonstrates the Sand Patch Test used to measure Macro Texture on pavement in accordance with MP 401.07.24 from the West Virginia Division of High...

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  • Sand Equivalent HMA Lab Supply

    Sand Equivalent Shaker $ 1,902.99 Sand Equivalent Shaker, with safety cover $ 2,924.99 Sand Equivalent Test Set with Carrying/Storage Case $ 319.50 Sand Equivalent Test Set - No Carrying/Storage Case $ 235.99 Sand Equivalent Stock Solution Concentrated -


    ltms test specification: sand equivalent (nlt-113/72) norma de ensayo del ltms: equivalente de arena (nlt-113/72). this specification describes a quick method of determining an index representative of the percentage and characteristics of fines, (clay, dust, etc) in a granular soil or fine aggregate. details are given of the equipment and test method used, and of the results obtained. mention ...

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